Timberline News

DOG TUFF™: A Hardy New Turf Grass for Dog Lovers and Low Water Gardens

DOG TUFF™ AFRICAN DOGTOOTH GRASS Dog Tuff™ is: VERY drought tolerant VERY resistant to dog urine LOVES full, hot sun GROWS happily on dry slopes DOESN’T wear thin in the winter like Buffalo Grass RECOVERS from excessive foot traffic quickly HONEYBEES love the pollen Kelly Grummons is working with David Salman and the new High… Read More

Back by Demand-Mason Bees

Due to the high level of interest, we are adding an additional class on Mason Bees on Sunday, April 6 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. See the class description below. Master Colorado rosarian and gardener Joan Franson will bring us up to date on the culture of our native bees, especially Mason Bees.  We all think of… Read More

2014 Class List

Timberline’s 2014 classes are scheduled with the first class on March 8. Take a look at the wide variety of courses and decide which ones you’ll be attending by clicking here or click on “Classes” on the menu at the bottom of the home page. Students MUST pre-register for classes in store or by phone… Read More

Growing Tillandsias (Air Plants)

Timberline now has a great selection of Tillandsias for sale. Come by and check out the current available species. Very reasonable prices ranging from $2.99 to $22.99. Available species may include: Andreana, Brachycaulus Abdita, Bulbosa Guatemala, Festucoides, Houston, Ionantha, Straminea, Stricta, Tectorum General Information Family:       Bromeliaceae Subfamily:   Tillandsioideae Genus:         Tillandsia (named for the Swedish… Read More