Nursery Sales – 25% of Most Nursery Items There are still great choices – tress and bushes – in the nursery area. Plant now, mulch well, and protect from very low temperatures and get a head start on spring growth. Check Out Our Selection of Giant Pumpkins Great Houseplants for Home or Office Just like… Read More

Perennials & Annuals on Sale Now!

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Perennials are now on sales. Buy 2 and get 1 of equal value or less free! Now is the time to get those perennials planted and established for a flourishing garden next year. All vegetables and annuals, including annual hanging baskets, are 50% off. There is still a great selection to brighten up your yard,… Read More


NEONICOTINOID TYPE PESTICIDES Timberline Gardens, Inc. October 1, 2013 Most nurserymen, greenhouse operators and gardeners in general are now aware of the dangers of using the pesticides in a group called neonicotinoids which include the compounds: acetamiprid, clothianidin, dinotefuran, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid and thiamethoxam.  Imidacloprid is widely used by the horticulture and agriculture industry… Read More


DOG TUFF™ AFRICAN DOGTOOTH GRASS Dog Tuff™ is: VERY drought tolerant VERY resistant to dog urine LOVES full, hot sun GROWS happily on dry slopes DOESN’T wear thin in the winter like Buffalo Grass RECOVERS from excessive foot traffic quickly HONEYBEES love the pollen Kelly Grummons is working with David Salman and the new High… Read More

Growing Tillandsias (Air Plants)

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Timberline now has a great selection of Tillandsias for sale. Come by and check out the current available species. Very reasonable prices ranging from $2.99 to $22.99. Available species may include: Andreana, Brachycaulus Abdita, Bulbosa Guatemala, Festucoides, Houston, Ionantha, Straminea, Stricta, Tectorum General Information Family:       Bromeliaceae Subfamily:   Tillandsioideae Genus:         Tillandsia (named for the Swedish… Read More


Timberline is hiring for the 2014 season and looking for people with knowledge of and/or interest in Colorado gardening for the following positions: Cashiers Perennial Sales Field Yard Nursery Sales Driver/Planter If interested, stop by Timberline Gardens and fill out an application Tuesday through Saturday (Timberline is closed on Sundays and Mondays during the winter).

Unique Gift Ideas from Many Local Artists

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Looking for a unique gift idea for birthdays, housewarmings or other special occasion? At Timberline, you’ll find a wide variety of local-made, hand-crafted items. These pieces have all the charm and elegance you are looking for when choosing that special gift. Chad Griffin makes stained glass sun catches, snowflakes, candle holders and more. Megan Moser… Read More

Kelly Grummons

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