Ways of testing if your furniture is quality

There are many copies on the market today which have been made in different styles and from different items. It can be a difficult to know which furniture quality is a real deal, but with some simple tips, you can get to know if your furniture is the right quality. Below are some of the things that you will need to check to know the quality of your furniture.



Counterfeit furniture pieces usually have some plastic material. Although pleather can be of good quality, most manufacturers do not execute the process of manufacturing correctly. Poorly developed materials will crack or break faster than leather. They also tend to fade quicker than the natural material or fabrics and materials that are specially modified.


Furniture manufacturers will make sure that all the corners and edges are tucked in and secured in a place by using industrial stapling or sewing techniques. If the corners have fabric peeks out often, then this implies that it was not checked being dispatch. You should not be able to identify any staples due to their unsightly appearance.


Almost all furniture items with specific fabric or material will have the exact method of how to clean the surfaces safely without destroying or corroding it. Most counterfeit furniture pieces have these instructions, so if your furniture does not have them, then it is not quality.

Structure or frame

The furniture items should not wobble when you apply gentle pressure on it. Before being dispatched, to the stores, it should be shocked if they are user-friendly. The structure has to last for a long time since furniture items are a long-term asset and should not often be changed if you buy quality furniture.


The manufacturer or factory needs to join or weld various pieces together correctly. A perfect weld will not break if dropped. If the pieces are put together with nails, then you can test the quality by hitting the pieces hard. However, avoid doing this at home. If they move around then you know they are not bailed or screwed properly and not quality.


cushionsIn today’s technical world, manufacturers use tolerant. The tolerant number ensures all parts are fit together without being too loose or too tight. If your couch cushions are swimming in the space, then it implies the manufacturer did not double check the measurements.

Everyone wants to get the best quality which will last for long. These are some of the things you need to check to know if the furniture you want to buy is quality.…