You can consult experienced professionals if you need help with buying plantation shutters for your home. These professionals can help you buy a plantation shutter that will best suit your needs. If you are however purchasing plantation shutters for the first time, you need to consider some factors. The following guidelines will help you get the best plantation shutters.

Type of wood

Poplar wood is usually straight, smooth and light and this makes it a wonderful option for plantation shutters. Averagely, a poplar tree grows to the height of 160 feet, and its trunk can be up to 80 feet in diameter. This makes it the best wood type for plantation shutters.


Wood or poly

Most people normally choose wood shutter because they have advantages over other artificial materials referred to as poly. As far as strength is concerned, wood is lighter and stronger. The width of wooden shutters may be up to 37 inches. So, you do not need more than just a few panels for your window opening. Besides, wood will come with a lot of other benefits.

Louver size

The size of most shutters is usually 3.5 louvers. However, there is a rising demand for shutters measuring up to 4.5 louvers due to bigger windows and the sliding glass doors. People want to have modern interior designs and openness.


The mid rail is the horizontal plank of the. The louvers close and open over the mid rail without having to rely on the louvers below the mid rail. Most buyers like mid rail since with them the upper sections open are left open for more light to come in, and the lower section is shut for purposes of privacy. Besides, mid-rails are an excellent choice if you have the metal casings.

Vertical tilt bar

You should know that there are some shutters which feature hidden tilt. Such shutters, do not have frontal wooden tilt bars. Instead, you see some metal tilt bar that is almost invisible for you to have more visibility as well as open space.


Cost of the shutters

Plantation shutters are normally sold per square foot. By paying more, however, you may benefit from options like stain finishes, specialty shapes or hidden tilt. You need to be ready for more money to get the shutters that you require.

Sliding glass doors

slidingdoorPlantation shutter is a perfect choice for sliding doors. To have a consistent look and feel, your house needs to have these shutters. Plantation shutters are fixed on tracks to allow the panels to open without any obstructions.

These are the factors you need to consider to get the best plantation shutters for your home.