What to look for when hiring a security guard

Hiring a security guard is a huge and stressful responsibility. You may feel so overwhelmed to having to weigh a lot of aspects when hiring a security guard. Perhaps you do not have the necessary tool to delve into the important areas. If you can hire a company that you can rely on this, then that makes your life easier. However, if you are doing it for yourself, then you should check the following areas before hiring a security guard.

Criminal record

This is a major issue when it comes to hiring a security guard. When hiring a guard, you need to see to it that they have criminal records. Determining the scale of the criminal records check will depend on the law in your locality. In some places, you can inspect only convictions related to the job. Whereas in some places you can inspect juvenile records and evaluate arrests that never led to a conviction.

criminal check

Guard’s experience

You need to know if the candidate has prior experience in the type of environment when you need to be guarded. Also, confirm if the guard has acted appropriately in given situations before you can hire them.

Health and fitness

You need to check if the candidate has any wound or current disabilities that may interfere with his efficient patrol of your property. Know the medical history of the guard to determine if he can stand for long hours while at work.

Get consent before checking records

A security candidate has to give you consent to obtain background records. You should also explore only the information that you need authentically and use the information essential to assess the candidate’s ability to work as a guard. You have to keep all the documents confidential.

Know more about the candidate

Ensure that you seek references before hiring a security guard. National and state laws usually vary so be wise enough to appoint somebody who is experienced in conducting a criminal check. You may seek advice from the attorney on how to go about this.

Compensation claims

This is also another concern when hiring a security guard. The law does not permit you to avoid hiring somebody because they have filed claims in the past. The only way you can use worker’s compensation records to assessing employment potential is for purposes of deciding whether the past injuries can preclude the potential of the workers from doing the work.

Firearm schooling and registration

firearmsregistrationAnother important area you have to check is if the candidate is trained to use a gun and also if he is registered to carry the arm. This is important because if your guard is not registered, then he may be arrested for failure to comply with the law.

These considerations will make it easy for you to hire the best security guard for your home.…